In October, we launched our New Neighbor Gift Box ministry. If you were here that day, you had the “privilege” of seeing JR lose his hair as he tried to deliver a box. If you weren’t here, you missed out!! (Or maybe not).
You took 130 boxes to deliver, and 62 of you have already reported the results of the deliveries. Check out just a few of the comments that people have made about their experiences in delivering the boxes.
  • They were just getting settled into their new home and appreciated the welcome gift!
  • We left them our phone numbers in case they ever need anything.
  • The family, a military family consisting of mom, dad, and five children, were very excited to see us and thankful to have someone “welcome” them to the neighborhood.
  • We invited the family to Mighty Machines—and they came!
  • I knocked on the door, and it looked like a male peeked out the small window next to the door. I thought they would open the door, but they never did. I left it on the window ledge. I hope it brought them joy and love when they opened it knowing I was praying for them! It brought me joy and love delivering it!
  • Sweet, sweet family! We visited with the whole family. They have three young boys and seemed eager to take them to see the monster machines Saturday. I also shared a little information with them about Lighthouse Academy. Good visit.
  • She was happy to receive the gift. Appreciated it so much, opened the box, and said: “Oh, a cookie!” Repeated the church name and said, “Yes, I know where you are!” Thanked again and helped me step down on two bricks that were for steps. The experience is a blessing for the giver and receiver!!
  • It was a truly awesome experience! At first, I thought I’d be nervous. When I rang the doorbell, a peace came over me, and I was cool, calm, and collected. We had a great chat about Lighthouse Fellowship, and my new neighbor said that he would be interested in coming to check out our Sunday service: AMAZING!! I am hopeful that this ministry is a big success!
And so far, it is a big success and has been AMAZING. These boxes are doing exactly what we hoped they would—being a conversation starter for us and our neighbors. By delivering them, you are the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus. Amazing.
The Box Office will be open again this Sunday, so stop by, pick up a box, and share the love of Jesus with your neighbors.
If you deliverd a box, let us know how it went HERE!