This year, instead of a traditional Vacation Bible School held here at Lighthouse, several church members hosted children at their homes through Backyard Kids Club. This was a great opportunity for our church to meet our neighbors and tell children, who may otherwise have been unable to attend VBS, about Jesus. So, how did it go?


We had 7 Host “homes”, including an apartment complex and the Bingo Hall and 36 children attended.



The theme this year was “Jesus Cares about Me”. No matter how big your problems may be, Jesus has given us everything we need. 2 Peter 1:3.



The story of the Lost Sheep was taught. The kids had a fun time doing crafts and activities that went along with the lesson.



Because of Backyard Kid’s Club, the bingo hall has asked for a monthly children’s program. They had great conversations and relationships are beginning to form as a result.


One neighborhood, where a Club was hosted, is relatively new and relationships are beginning to grow there as well due to the connections made at BKC.



Overall, it was a great experience! We are looking forward to the next BKC and are eager to find new ways to develop this program for the future. Thank you to everyone who hosted, volunteered and donated!

Do you love working with children? We are always looking for volunteers for Sunday mornings. Find out how you can get involved here!