See what Pastor Frank has to say about what our Kenya mission team has been up to for the last few days!


July 21

Our team has arrived in beautiful Maua. Tomorrow morning, we worship with brothers and sisters we’ve never met, and we are all excited for the opportunity.  And yes. I know which one is the real monkey in the picture.


July 22

A beautiful morning of worship at St. Joseph Methodist Church. We were so blessed. What an honor for us.



July 23

Very busy day for us in Maua. Part of the team worked on building a wall around the Hospital, another part worked inside the Hospital as two of our folks are in medical professions and so they were able to get quite involved in several cases. And the last part of the team worked to build the AIDS house that Lighthouse so generously donated for a family here. God is so very alive here in Kenya, we are all being transformed.



July 24

Another wonderful day in Maua. We started the day with devotional with some staff, then toured the hospital including observing the new babies (guess which picture from below is the one when we were looking at the babies). We toured the hospital and had tea with some of the lead staff (tea is a big deal here). Then we split up and some went to continue work on the wall, others worked in medical records and still others went back to the AIDS house to continue work there.

The people in Maua are so kind and generous. All of us have been so blessed to be able to share this time with them.



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