By Bryan Edmonson

We’re excited to launch our new church website! It’s taken a lot of planning, effort and expertise… expertise solely on the part of our webmaster extraordinaire Jim Fairchild who has put in who-knows-how-many volunteer hours. Thank you, Jim!

So what’s the point of putting so much effort into a new website? Research shows that most people will visit the website of a church they’re curious about before ever stepping through its front door. This means a church’s website is the first impression that many will get of its people and culture. Also, people are surfing the web more and more on a portable device… 84% according to the statistics of a recent online campaign we conducted for our last Christmas Eve services. So it’s important for us to haveĀ a fresh web presence that better reflects who we are as a church and is easy to access for everyone.

This all falls in line with our vision at Lighthouse and how we believe that Every Person Matters. We are committed to being a relevant influence for good in the world. It’s important to us to not let ourselves become insulated from the people around us. This is our natural tendency as people, to let ourselves get comfortable, but comfort can lead to complacency. So it takes effort and intentionality to do good in the world. That’s our hope as you browse our new website, that you would see that we are a church committed to doing good in the world because God is so good. He is worth our best efforts!

Bryan is the Director of Worship at Lighthouse Fellowship. If you have any questions about this article or about Lighthouse, contact us at