Kat (mummy) on Halloween as a child.

As a kid, my favorite holiday was Halloween.  I thrived on the excitement of the community fall festival and often spent months making costumes for my siblings and me.  It was a desperately needed creative outlet for each of us.

During middle school, our family moved from a small farm town to a suburb of Dallas.  While I hated the city, it did offer new opportunities.  Most importantly, I discovered a new passion for comic books.  Our local shop encouraged nerds to hang out in the shop to discuss the latest Star Trek episode, play table top games, and read our new comics.  I felt accepted and was able to make friends.  However, our local churches condemned and shamed the comic shop and everyone who enjoyed it.

At a crucial time in my life, the church became my foe.  I struggled to reconcile my love of sci-fi and comics with my love of Christ.  I abandoned my love for nerdy things and pursued other interests that were more socially acceptable.  It is one of my greatest regrets.

My experience with the church was not uncommon.  The church as a whole demonized all things nerdy.  It was considered weird, wrong and anti-Christian to love things like Star Trek, Pokémon, or comic books.  It was an attitude that was harmful and drove people away from Christ.  I am grateful that Lighthouse Fellowship is different, but there is still a rift between the church and the nerds.

God used my poor experiences to fuel my fervent desire to love more, do more, reach more.  The primary goal of Family Fun Comic Con is to engage and encourage this nerd community.  By hosting this event at Lighthouse and celebrating the things they find joy in, we show how much we really care.  It is a unique ministry opportunity to show Christ’s love.  They are hungry for hope and seeking relationship, the soil is fertile for planting.

Please join me in loving on our nerdy neighbors (costumes not required).

By: Kat Mac Kenzie