It’s Wednesday morning and I’m reflecting on what God has been doing at the bingo hall.  I wish I could put into words what has been so beautiful and can only be of Him.  The exciting thing is He has just begun His great work among us.  I could share so much about what is happening, but for now, I will share about our worship service on Saturday, September 29 and the six people who were baptized.

If you were to come into our worship service, you would sense something special in our midst – the power of the Holy Spirit.  Our worship is simple and basic. Most of the elements you would find elsewhere but without much polish or aesthetics.  Twenty-seven people gathered to praise God and to witness six baptisms. So how did this all come about?  What has God been doing and stirring up?  Perhaps it’s best to tell you about the six people who were baptized.

Let me start with Jose.  Romelia, Jose’s wife, had prayed a long time that he would accept Jesus.  She was the one who prayed for revival at the bingo hall before ReviveTX came there in spring of 2017.  God had been wooing him through worship at Lighthouse and at the bingo hall, but Jose only speaks Spanish. Naturally, he found it difficult to understand the songs and sermons.  He could sense the Holy Spirit, however, and he needed a way to feel more connected.  When we brought a Spanish singer, Aldo Marquez, to worship in August and added translator Elisa Marquis to his LifeGroup, he accepted Jesus.  It “just so happened” that the subject matter was salvation from the Rooted Series. (I think it was more a God-incidence, don’t you?)

Then along came sisters, Yolanda and Norma.  As with Jose, they only spoke Spanish. With the aid of Spanish translators, including Romelia, the timing of the subject matter was perfect. They accepted Jesus in early September. Norma chose to wait for the worship service to be baptized before going back to Mexico. We will miss her until she returns.

Terry and her sisters, Hope and Delores, have been at the bingo hall for a long time and participate in the English-speaking LifeGroup. Hope and Delores profess to being saved in their youth, but God had been stirring them to re-commit their lives to Jesus.  We were so excited when Terry stepped forward during worship, professed her faith and requested to be baptized.  All three of these women are now seeking soul healing from the past.  We have much to help them work through.

There is more to tell about how God is at work and we are simply following each week where He leads us.  At the bingo hall, we love on the diverse mixture of people that come. Through LifeGroups and worship, people are finding love, healing and acceptance. They are also finding a family who cares about them and follows Jesus.   Pray for us to remain humble and obedient and for our love to be irresistible to people, even when they don’t speak the same language.  We invite you to come and experience for yourself what God is doing – and who knows, He may call you to be a part of it!

By: Jody Williamson