Greetings Lighthouse,

I am Barry Miller and I have the privilege of serving as the Chairperson on the Board of Directors for Lighthouse.  Frank has asked that I write to you as a means of helping more of our congregation be more aware of what is happening in and around Lighthouse.  Our Board meets every other month and I will be writing in the future to share more updates with you.

Items of interest we discussed at our meeting this month are summarized below.

Lighthouse and LCA Finances are overseen by Bobby Cullen and Chuck Fielding, our Finance Chair.

  • We reviewed financial statements from Lighthouse Christian Academy and Nancy Danielson updated us on the enrollment for this Fall. There are several classes that are full and have students on waiting lists.  It is a wonderful service that the LCA Staff provides to the students and their families and we should all be proud of the work they do to represent Lighthouse and to advance the Kingdom.
  • We also reviewed financials for the church.  As the first half of 2019 ends, we are well situated financially. In comparison to last year, we are happy to report that the donations are up about 6.86% and our total expenses are down 5.5%.  Our budget giving continues to be very tight, while the giving for Future Forward contributions continue to consistently come in, which is terrific.  Bobby Cullen continues to do an exceptional job of managing the money to keep our cash-flow moving. If you’re behind in your annual giving to the Lord at Lighthouse, may I encourage you to do all you can to get caught up.

Trustee issues relate to the upkeep and maintenance of our property including the parsonage.  The items that Bobby Cullen and Sam Werschky, our Trustee Chair, are working to address are many:

  • The funds raised by the Future Forward campaign continue to be used to make improvements to our facilities. The latest improvements have been of the Youth Room and are to be completed in the next week.  This will update the much-needed space for our youth to meet and grow.
  • A major issue that most of you are aware of is the need to repair/replace much of the asphalt that has failed due to water and general use in our parking lots and driveways. We continue to research and price options for the repairs.
  • The improvements to the landscaping around the building are continuing. We are blessed to have the work donated by members of our parish which we can all enjoy, and which improves the appeal to our guests.
  • Lighthouse has recently completed an agreement with the Eagle Mountain/Saginaw school district to be a shelter location in the case of any emergencies. We pray that this would never become a necessity.  This agreement allows Lighthouse to stand ready to be a place of safety and refuge for the students in the community that surrounds us.

Growth and Membership

  • We did not have any new members to report this meeting. I would like to encourage all that worship with us and have not attended the Connect class to become members to prayerfully consider this next step in your spiritual walk. You can check our calendar to see when the next class is scheduled or contact the office for more information.
  • We also reviewed our Kingdom Growth Trends, which we do monthly, to watch what the numbers are telling us about the life in and around Lighthouse.  This month a letter was sent by Bishop Lowry congratulating Lighthouse on our annual attendance growth of nine percent (9%) and our continued efforts to “make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.” Lighthouse recently received a grant from the Central Texas Conference which will help provide new equipment to improve our capability to Livestream our services.  As the new equipment is purchased and brought on line, we will provide more information.  This is an exciting new opportunity to reach those who cannot join us to worship.

Pastoral Care

  • Our Lead Pastor, Frank Briggs, took some vacation and study time recently with his family in New Mexico. He was able to work on preparing the messages that he will share with us throughout the fall.  I do hope that you keep Frank and all our staff in your prayers each day.
  • The end of each meeting consists of a closed session of our meeting and we convene our Pastor-Parish Relations Team, with this year’s chair being Lavenia Weathers.

Many of you may have already heard the great news that we have Angie Jirik joining the church staff.  Angie will be the Assistant Director of Children’s Ministry to Nanci Danielsen.  Angie has an extensive resume serving other churches and we are thrilled that she has accepted to join our team.

The members of our Board of Directors are: Barry Miller – Chair, Mike Tipton – Vice Chair, Chuck Fielding – Finance Chair, Lavenia Weathers – PPRC Chair, Sam Werschky – Trustee Chair and Pam Cosby – Secretary.  If you care to send any of us a note you can send it to us by our first initial and last name (  Also, please feel free to visit with any of us anytime you see us around the church.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity once again to thank you all, on behalf of all the members of the Board of Directors, for your continued support and participation in all that makes Lighthouse so special.  As Frank has shared with us, we are The Church and we are making an impact in the lives of one another, those in our community and around the world.

Please remember how important it is for all of us to use social media to help promote the Gospel by liking and sharing items from our church Facebook Page as well as providing input though platforms like, Google Reviews and Yelp where you can provide more feedback that will be helpful for people looking for a church home.

I pray that you will continue to lift Frank, Bobby, Dan, all on our church staff, all that volunteer so selflessly, and all those that gather here at Lighthouse in your prayers each day, as together we seek to make Christ-followers who change the world.

Blessings to you all,