Greetings Lighthouse,

I am Barry Miller and I have the privilege of serving as the Chairperson on the Board of Directors for Lighthouse.  Frank has asked that I write to you as a means of helping more of our congregation be more aware of what is happening in and around Lighthouse.  Our Board meets every other month and I will be writing in the future to share more updates with you.

A few items of interest, we discussed at our meeting this month, are summarized below.

Lighthouse and LCA Finances are overseen by Bobby Cullen and Chuck Fielding, our Finance Chair.

  • We reviewed financial statements from Lighthouse Christian Academy and I’m pleased to report that their income is ahead of expenses as the school moves toward the end of their fiscal year in August.  We are blessed by our Director Pam Duarte and all the staff at LCA, and especially Nanci Danielson who, though she is not handling the day-to-day management of LCA, has her hand on this vital ministry and the 130 families that are enrolled.  We’re looking forward to a great summer at LCA and there are 65 kids enrolled in our summer program, which we were not able to hold last year due our remodeling projects.
  • We also reviewed financials for the church.  As has been the case over the last couple of years, our budget giving continues to be very tight, while the giving for Future Forward contributions continue to consistently come in, which is terrific.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to our Executive Pastor of Admin, Bobby Cullen, who does an exceptional job of managing the money to keep our cash-flow moving. This allows us to keep our bills up to date and all of our staff paid.  If you’re behind in your annual giving to the Lord at Lighthouse, may I encourage you to do all you can to get caught up.

Trustee issues relate to the upkeep and maintenance of our property including the parsonage.  The items that Bobby Cullen and Sam Werschky, our Trustee Chair, are working to address are many:

  • A water leak on the east exterior wall of HeBrews Café. After trying unsuccessfully to get it sealed, it will require the rock exterior to be removed and repairs to be made.
  • Several AC units which have failed over the last couple of years and are being nursed along until we can replace them.  We are grateful to one of our church members who is helping us manage this situation; he is generously donating his labor and replacing items that need to be repaired out of his love for the Lord.
  • The Carillon (electronic bells) that we’ve had for many years is in the process of having its speakers repaired so that the bells can once again ring for our church and the community.
  • The developer of Talon Hills (the development around our property) is planning to construct 37 town-home/condo units. They have requested a meeting with us to get our feedback.
  • Also, regarding the Talon Hills development, a meeting will be held soon with the developer to discuss access to our property from the north end of our property. The original developer who built Eagle Ranch, sold the Talon Hills area to a new developer.  Part of their agreement was that Lighthouse would have access to the development so that people living in Eagle Ranch and Talon Hills could easily get to our property.  The goal of the access would be to allow the residents to use amenities at Lighthouse that we will add over the years, like the walking path that has been part of our vision for this property all along.
  • Our parsonage is going to get at least a portion of the back-yard fence replaced in conjunction with the neighbors’ fence to the north of the parsonage.
  • A major issue that most of you are aware of is the need to repair/replace much of the asphalt that has failed due to water and general use in our parking lots and driveways. We are in the process of developing a plan to replace as much of the asphalt as we can with concrete and Bobby is getting bids toward that end. It is likely to cost quite a bit to get it accomplished and we will update you as we develop a plan.

Growth and Membership

  • We reviewed the names of new members of Lighthouse who went through a Connect Class and Board members volunteer to call these new members to welcome them to our family. We are so delighted to have these new families added to our family.
  • We also reviewed our Kingdom Growth Trends, which we do monthly, to watch what the numbers are telling us about the life in and around Lighthouse.

Pastoral Care

  • Our Lead Pastor, Frank Briggs, took a little time to talk with us about the Vision that God is stirring in his heart.  While there are still many unknowns to him, I can say without reservation that he is VERY excited about what he is feeling, and he is spending quality time in prayer about this vision. The hope is that our leadership will review later this summer and that he will share with us this fall.  I do hope that you keep Frank and all our staff in your prayers each day.
  • The end of each meeting consists of a closed session of our meeting and we convene our Pastor-Parish Relations Team, with this year’s chair being Lavenia Weathers.

A few other items of note coming up soon at Lighthouse are Vacation Bible School and mission trips.  The mission teams will be headed back to Orange, Texas, and to Casa Hogar in Mexico this summer.  I have personally experienced several of these mission trips. The impact in the lives of those that we serve is so much more than stories can ever share.  Being the hands and feet of our Lord is a blessing, which you all participate in through your support and giving.

The Annual Conference for the Central Texas Conference was held last week in Arlington.  This year’s delegates from Lighthouse are Frank, Bobby, Dan, Gigi Hollis, Lavenia Weathers and myself.  The conference included reports about the work of God throughout the Conference, especially as it relates to worship attendance, professions of faith and new faith communities. Laity and clergy were elected to represent our area at next year’s General Conference and there was plenty of spirited worship.  A couple of the highlights for me was the ordination of our very own Margret Fields as an Elder in the United Methodist Church, and that Kris and Kael Moulton received the Harry Denman Award in Evangelism for their innovative and passionate service to all people, helping people find their way to Jesus.

The members of our Board of Directors are: Barry Miller – Chair, Mike Tipton – Vice Chair, Chuck Fielding – Finance Chair, Lavenia Weathers – PPRC Chair, Sam Werschky – Trustee Chair and Pam Cosby – Secretary.  If you care to send any of us a note you can send it to us by our first initial and last name (  Also, please feel free to visit with any of us anytime you see us around the church.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to thank you all, on behalf of all the members of the Board of Directors, for your continued support and participation in all that makes Lighthouse so special.  As Frank has shared with us, we are The Church and we are making an impact in the lives of one another, those in our community and around the world.  I pray that you will continue to lift Frank, Bobby, Dan, all on our church staff, all that volunteer so selflessly, and all those that gather here at Lighthouse in your prayers each day, as together we seek to make Christ-followers who change the world.

Blessings to you all,