We are blessed with 40 acres here on Robertson Road.  During the 21 years that we have owned the property, quite a few things have changed.  The first several years, before a building was built, we met periodically out on the property to have worship and prayer services.  We moved into the first building in January of 2006.  Classrooms were added in 2009.  In November of 2010 the playfield began to be developed as well as the pond.  2015 saw work begin on our Community Gardens.  This year has seen major headway made on the walking/biking trail.  More and more of the land is getting used for outdoor activities.

Why am I reminiscing on our history here on Robertson Road?  To give thanks.  Thank you to all the volunteers that have given and continue to give to care for the property.  The majority of the property projects are handled by church members stepping up and adopting an area to care for.  We have a Grounds Keepers team and they work tirelessly year-round.  THANK YOU!

Looking for a way to be a part of ministry here at Lighthouse? Do you have time to help?  This Saturday, October 5, 9:00-noon, we are having a property workday at Lighthouse to get things ready for Mighty Machines. Let me know if something below peaks your interest and I can get you some more details.

Outdoor projects

  1. Irrigation repair
  2. Preschool playground – install play equipment
  3. Preschool playground – rake and level ground near building
  4. Preschool playground – rake wood chips to even them out
  5. Repair and paint GaGa pit
  6. Community Gardens
  7. Move Sandbags
  8. Trim around parking lot – weed eaters needed
  9. Pull out roses in prayer garden
  10. Move picnic tables
  11. Paint sidewalk ramps
  12. Work on walking trail

Indoor projects

  1. Assemble Neighborhood boxes
  2. Sign outside youth room
  3. Change A/C filters
  4. Lights in youth room
  5. Install and adjust additional safety cameras

Join us in the blessings of the 40 acres on Robertson Road. Looking forward to seeing you outdoors!

Bobby Cullen