Get Connected

At Lighthouse, Every Person Matters. This means YOU matter to God and to us. And because you matter so much, we want to connect with you.

Even the greatest of friendships begin with a simple introduction. There are several ways we can introduce ourselves to each other and grow our friendship.

  • Request information from our Contact Us page.
  • Attend one of our worship services.
  • Stop by Guest Central in the lobby following one of our services.

Guest Central

Guest Central is located across the lobby from HeBrews Cafe. Stop by before or after any worship service and receive a free gift. You’ll meet some great people and learn about Lighthouse. If you like, you can also get a personal tour of our facilities.


Connect! is a one-time online session where you’ll explore connections at Lighthouse through LifeGroups, serving, fun events, and following Jesus. Besides meeting Lighthouse staff and members, you’ll meet others—just like you—who are thinking of making Lighthouse their home. If you’re ready to take the next step in your walk with Jesus or you just want to learn more about us, Connect! is the place for you!


No one likes being the new kid on the block, or the new girl at school, or the new guy at work, or the new person at church. Face it, it’s tough being new. You don’t know anyone. You’re not sure where to go. You don’t know how to get involved. That’s where Lighthouse Navigators come in.

Navigators are amazingly friendly people who walk with you in your early days at Lighthouse. About once a month, they’ll touch base with you through email, phone calls, and greeting you at church. They’ll introduce you to people, help you find our NextStep, and navigate your way. Working with Navigators definitely isn’t a requirement for joining Lighthouse, but you’ll find yourself blessed by meeting these wonderful people.