By Jack Germaine

Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (Matthew 4:19) Jesus’ invitation to Peter and his brother Andrew was not just an invitation to discipleship, it was also a promise to mold them into leaders. The invitation to leadership can be daunting, but as Christians we are not called to be just sheep, we are often called to lead them.

As Christians, especially Christian leaders, we are often judged by both our words and our actions. In essence, the openness of others to Christ may be influenced by our example. Consider for a moment an area in your life where you may have been in a leadership role. Did you have a clear definition for leadership and the responsibilities for what it would take to be a good leader? Did you feel prepared, confident and supported? If you are still in this role, do you have that confidence and support now?

At Lighthouse, we help to answer these questions by offering leadership training through the Equipping Ministry. Two courses have been developed and offered through the Lighthouse Leadership Academy Team, and our newest course, Developing, has been be launched. Using the Maxwell Leadership Bible as our basic text, these courses are designed for active participation and built upon one another for as far as you want to go. Course graduates have ranged from seasoned executives and administrators to young adults and students.

Why should you consider participating in our courses? Here are some encouraging examples from some of our graduates. Jim Weathers, Equipping Team Leader, observed that he felt like he often learns more from the students than he does instructing them. Sam Werschky, a career naval officer, had been through rigorous leadership training throughout his military career, as well as physical training and ASVAB training. He shared that he did not expect to learn anything new before taking the Shepherding Course, but his perspective changed due to the biblical basis of our leadership training. While taking the Equipping Course, Lee Brewster commented that she would like to take the Shepherding Course again to emphasize what she had already experienced. Instead of re-taking the course, she has now become the Shepherding Team Leader.

Our mission at Lighthouse is “to make Christ-followers who change the world.” Why? We believe that “every person matters.” To accomplish our mission, we not only need good leaders for our church, but we also need to equip them with practical skills to be effective, Christ- centered leaders in the home, work and community. Leadership development is one way to fulfill our mission.

Jack is currently serving as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors at Lighthouse Fellowship. If you have any questions about this article or about Lighthouse, contact us at