Family Fun Comic Con

Family Fun Comic Con is a one day mini convention where people of all ages can safely explore and express their love of all things nerdy. Franchises that will be represented include but are not limited to; Star Trek, Marvel Comics and Movies, Star Wars, DC Comics and Movies, Disney, My Little Pony, Pokemon, Dr. Who, Harry Potter and more!

Cosplay Contests

Whatever drives you, we’ve got the contest for you.  The Family Fun Comic Con’s cosplay contests is the perfect opportunity to showcase skills, craftsmanship and character portrayals.  It is a spirited competition that is inclusive of all mediums and skill levels, so everyone can have a chance to have their work appreciated by judges and audience members.

For this con, we have TWO cosplay contests.

Kid’s and Family

Kids/Family Contest – this contest is for families and children under the age of 18. There is a best in show prize for each category listed below.  Please note that teens may enter the adult competition but not both competitions.

    • Best Family Cosplay
    • Kids Aged 4-10
    • Kids Aged 11-14
    • Kids Aged 15-18
Register for Kid’s & Family Here


Adult Cosplay Contest – this contest is for anyone aged 15 and above. There is a best in show prize for each category listed below.  Those competing in the family competition may enter the adult competition with a different cosplay.

    • Best in Show – best costume overall.
    • Best Armour
    • Best Homemade
    • Best Makeup
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Panels, Artists, Vendors and More!

We have so many fun things to do and see at Family Fun Comic Con! See the list of all of the groups participating below or view the map to get a head start and plan your day!


10:15 – Cosplay 101

10:45 – My Little Pony Dance Troup

11:00 – Kids and Family Cosplay Contest

11:40 – Star Wars Trivia Contest

12:15 – Mental Health and Cosplay

12:45 – Comics, Cosplay and Christianity

1:20 – Dr. Who

2:00 – Harry Potter Trivia Contest

3:00 – Adult Cosplay Contest

Featured Cosplayers

Love Thy Nerd

Lonestar Fleet

501st Legion

Cause to Play

Maddy Lea Cosplay

Captian AmeriDad

Bunny Theeths


Scarlett Muse

Step 2 Harmony

Wandly, Wizards and Muggles

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