See what Pastor Frank has to say about what our Kenya mission team has been up to for the last few days!


July 25

Another great day of work for our team. We are all impacted by the sweetness of the people in spite of having little in the way of socio-economic stability. Why?…Most have a deep faith in God. God is teaching all of us so very much. Some pics of the work site I was at today and the team.


July 26

Today was an emotional day for all of us as we were swept up in the glory of God throughout our day. We began with our team leading chapel devotions at the hospital. After chapel some went to finish the AIDS home and others stayed to continue preparations for the Medical Camp and de-worming of children tomorrow at schools. We then loaded to drive out of the highlands and onto the very dry lowlands where we were going to look at a school in great need that perhaps Lighthouse could serve long-term. It was a sobering sight to see the stark conditions at the school of 350 at Rikau. We were greeted so warmly by the children and the Headmaster as well as the Pastor Ann of the Rikau Methodist Church that oversees the school. To say all of them were gracious would be an understatement. We headed back to get to the dedication of the AIDS orphan house that will be a lifeline to the little family. THANK YOU to Lighthouse for providing this HUGE blessing to the family and community.


July 27

Hard for our team to believe today is the last day in Maua. Thanks to the generous people of Lighthouse we were able to provide deworming pills for about 1500 children at two different schools which were given to them one-by-one, followed by the gift of a lollipop to get rid of the taste. This deworming raises the children’s ability to thrive and avoid malnutrition. Lighthouse also provided for a Medical Clinic at the second school that allows staff from Maua Methodist Hospital to see any adult in the community who wants to come, and get basic health metrics taken, along with screening for diabetes, malaria and have their eyes checked. Our team was highly engaged in all the effort. Our hearts are in many ways heavy to be leaving Maua and all that we see God doing here. We have been so blessed to be a part of it. Tomorrow we leave early for Masai Mara and that safari that will conclude our amazing trip. Is God calling you to be a part of His work in Kenya. It is profound.


July 31

Here is the team waiting to board for our flight back to beautiful Fort Worth. The team has worked very hard and seen so many wondrous works of God that we have been privileged to see. As a result our faith has been strengthened as well as our resolve to make Christ-followers who change the world. In the last few days we said farewell to the beauty of Maua and entered the wondrous world of the Masai Mara and were privileged to a couple days of game drives to see more of God’s creation. I hope to see you Sunday as our team shares where they saw God. THANK YOU to Lighthouse for your loving and faithful support of our team as you prayed while we were gone and for all the financial support you provided to help change lives for Christ. We love our Lighthouse family!!!!!

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