By Shelley Shrader

Just as a sculptor must prepare the clay, we must prepare our hearts to receive from God.

In September, 31 people gathered for worship prior to our first Foundations of Freedom seminar.

Guitar strings softly strummed the air as we lifted our voices in song. His praise was on our lips; His presence inhabited us, and everybody intently listened as we explored the Anatomy of a Stronghold.

After the sesson on Hearing God, we all enjoyed a catered box lunch and time of fellowship.

Upon our return, excitement and anticipation filled the room. Bryan Edmonson quieted our spirits singing the endearing words of Abba, our Father, “I belong to you” followed by each our names. Heart revelation of who we are in Him and who He is in us began to sink deep into our hearts as we finished our third session.

The day progressed with surrendered hearts, unafraid, and ready to fully pursue God—to hear truth and dispel former lies believed about ourselves, God and others.

“I am freer because I understand how to remove the layers of lies I have believed,” and “I recognize some lies Satan has fed me to keep me from serving,” said a couple of the attendees.

“It brought awareness to a lot of things I need to work on with my journey,” another responded.

Someone else commented, “The seminar opened my eyes and heart to issues I need to deal with.”

What impacted them most was the dedication the presenters put into seminar and learning to ask God questions and hear Him through meditation time.

It’s been a few weeks since the seminar and four people have requested personal freedom sessions to help them attain a greater level of freedom. Go God!

Plans for another freedom seminar are underway. Be prayerful about attending this February. God has great things in store for you. He is a good good Father!

Shelley is the Freedom Ministry Coordinator at Lighthouse Fellowship. If you have any questions about this article or about Lighthouse, contact us at