The Lighthouse Fellowship Capital Campaign

The campaign goal is to fund expansion and enhancements at Lighthouse so we can better serve our community. Plans include expanding our main lobby area to create an open and inviting space, remodeling the children’s entrance into a fun and welcoming check-in area, and retiring debt so as to free up funding for our mission projects.

These changes are in direct response to the needs of the children, youth, and families, because Every Person Matters.

The campaign name was chosen as a reminder that good stewardship secures our future as a Church as we look forward to serving God and our community for generations to come. If you are a church also and are in need of funding, then setting up a GoFundMe donation page may get you to your goal to better serve your community.


DSC_9943 (400x285)A Message from Our Pastor

Dear Lighthouse family,

It’s hard to imagine that in January of 2017 we will celebrate eleven years since opening our facility on Robertson Road. It was in 1998 that we purchased the 40 acres, with no clear understanding of how it would be developed. It would be eight long years until we would move in, and countless faithful saints made sacrifice after sacrifice in order for us to actually see what God had planned.

Before us now is a bold new step toward an even brighter future as we seek to connect with a growing number of young families, whose children are the future of not just our church, but our world. And, we will retire our debt, so that even more financial resources will be freed up to serve the children and youth of our community, and their families.

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With the heavy lifting our Joel Team has done over the past three years, it is clear that the direction we are headed is God-breathed, and just what our church needs to be even more effective at our Mission: To make Christ-followers who change the world. It is our turn now to build on the sacrifices that others have made on our behalf, so that Lighthouse will remain a vital force for Christ and His Kingdom for years to come.

I hope that you have been praying for this project using the prayer, “Lord, what do you want to do through me?” It has been on my heart for months. I want to invite you now to begin that prayer if you’ve not done so, and to pray about sacrifice. Not nearly enough of us have considered this biblical principle when it comes to our faith. If all of us sacrifice, we will not only reach our financial campaign objectives, but exceed it.

These are such exciting times for Lighthouse as we seek to realize even more, the will of God for our church. I pray that you join me in seeking it together.

Your Servant in Christ,

Frank Briggs, Lead Pastor

The Future Forward campaign is designed to invest in our future.

Through three-year commitments, the FUTURE FORWARD campaign will fully fund the expansion and improvements of the recommendations made by our Joel Team Committee and detailed plans as brought forward by the Building Committee. This phase includes:


  • Renovating and expanding our lobby area by taking out our existing nursery.


  • Expanding the children’s entrance area of our building to accommodate more parents and their kids.
  • Renovating existing space to make a new nursery which would be centrally located for parents both now and for when we add another building to the north.


  • Reduce or eliminate the outstanding property debt of just under $1 million.
  • Current annual payments on this debt total $144,000. When the debt is retired, this represents a significant investment we can make into Lighthouse people and ministries.


As part of the Lighthouse Fellowship family, you are asked to pray for guidance, seeking God’s will in determining your role in this crucial time in our church. As you pray, you will discover what God has planned for you, your church family, and this campaign. When praying, reflect on our campaign prayer, “Lord, what do You want to do through me?”



Praise God for the endless blessings He has given Lighthouse Fellowship. Praise God for the current ministries and the potential ministries as a result of this campaign. Praise God for the future opportunities He will bring and the lives that will be touched.

The campaign team is prayerfully planning for the future of our church. Plan to be involved when you are called to serve. Plan your calendar around the special events that are designed to provide information and celebrate this campaign. Plan to be a part of God’s Vision for our Community.



Lighthouse Fellowship accepts on-line donations. You can make a one time gift or setup a reoccurring gift.

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