Helping Families

A Lighthouse church member found out about a family in need. The mom was pregnant in February and gave birth to their third child. The baby was premature and weighed one pound. Obviously, the baby stayed in the hospital until a week ago. The father was laid off because of all that is going on. So, mom took a job to help financially. When we found out, we quickly responded by talking them food and toilet paper that had been dropped off at Lighthouse as well as a gift card to Walmart to help with other needs. The family is so grateful, and we are passing along their thanks.

There is a family with five kids where both parents have been laid off. Again, Lighthouse has delivered food to their home to help. And in this situation, the garage door opener was not working and so one of their cars was trapped in the garage. A kind and generous member of Lighthouse went over and repaired the door.

These are just a couple of examples of how Lighthouse is helping families.