Lighthouse is a place with so many activities happening at any one time, it’s easy to think of it as just a list of events that may or may not interest you.  But consider seeing these events in a fresh way…in light of our Mission Statement: To make Christ-followers who change the world! 

Many of our events reach into the community to touch people who may have no connection to a church.  Mighty Machines, for example, is an exciting event that families can attend together. As they play and explore the vehicles and equipment, they will interact with friendly volunteers as well as other Lighthouse members. Hopefully, they will have a fun day and leave feeling like Lighthouse is a church that cares about them. While we don’t know how God will use those connections in their lives, we pray we have taken an important first step toward making new Christ-followers. 

Sunday, October 21 has been designated Faith in Action Sunday. For the next couple of weeks, we have the opportunity to create cleaning or hygiene kits for UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) which provides emergency relief worldwide when needed. There will also be an opportunity to help our local community with repair projects on that day.  What a great picture of Christ-followers who are making an impact for Jesus in our world! 

Have you ever thought about worship as fulfilling our Mission Statement? Not only does the teaching and music build us up when we gather as the body of Christ, but your presence in worship affects others in ways you probably don’t realize.  It tells the person next to you that keeping this appointment with God each week is more important to you than sleeping in or mowing the lawn. We encourage one another by our presence, we learn together what it means to be a Christ-follower, and we leave to share that with the world in all the many places God calls us to throughout the week.  

So don’t just attend another event or sign up for one more volunteer opportunity. Know that when you do, you are joining your Lighthouse family on mission – the most important mission of all –  to make Christ-followers who change the world.