New Faith Community – Report for June, 2018

The first time I met Jose was about a year ago when he started coming to worship at Lighthouse with his wife, Romelia.  He seemed to be quiet and reserved.  Romelia explained to me later that Jose did not speak English, but came to Lighthouse with her and some of the other people from the Bingo Hall. He came to worship mostly as a support to her as his wife. It astounded me that they came to worship regularly, even though Jose could not participate in conversation.  He could; however, sense what was going on around him.  The power of the Holy Spirit could be felt, especially in the music, which is a universal “language” for connecting with God and others.  Romelia had shared her heart with me that one day Jose would accept Jesus for salvation and Lord. God is answering Romelia’s prayer as she waits patiently for this to happen.

As I started to go to the Bingo Hall to build relationships with the people there, I got to know Jose (and Romelia) better. Romelia can speak English very well, but I selected a few humorous Spanish phrases to connect with Jose.  One I would say was, “Como esta’ tu loco gallina?”, which means, “ How is your crazy chicken?”   This would make him laugh and it really helped to relate with him through humor.  Over time, I realized that Jose can understand some English when spoken to him and although a challenge, could speak to me more and more in English as we got to know one another. I have come to really care for Jose and Romelia as I see God at work in them.  One of the most beautiful things I see is how the Holy Spirit has been working in Jose’s life – from being very resistant to the Gospel to becoming more curious and receptive to Christianity. This has occurred, I believe, through worship at Lighthouse, being in the bingo hall bible study group and in building relationships at the bingo hall.  And, of course, the mighty prayers of a faithful wife, Romelia!

Here is an excerpt from Romelia that she asked to be included in this article:  “I want to thank God and Lighthouse for coming to the bingo hall.  Although my husband, Jose, has not been saved yet, he was touched by God during ReviveTX and he is continuing to be touched through the bible study group at the bingo hall.  God is also helping me lead the new Spanish speaking bible study.  And this is all because Lighthouse is coming to the bingo hall.  Thank you for what you are doing for the Lord.  And pray for my husband, Jose, for him to accept Jesus as Lord.” The Spanish speaking Bible study met for the first time on Saturday June 9, 2018. This new group is off to a great start! The first week three people attended. The next week, attendance was doubled! Our attendance for the original group has remained at 10 people on average each week, with a total of 3 additional guests during June.   Just as the church in the Book of Acts, God is adding to their numbers! We anticipate that God will continue to do great things with this faithful group.

God is truly at work in the bingo hall and Jose’s life is being changed by the Holy Spirit.  As we are faithful and patient, we are in awe of what is happening day by day. Through Romelia’s great faith and trust in God as well as following the Holy Spirit’s direction, we are learning so much about the real meaning of the Gospel. And the greatest lesson of all may be that we, who feel we have been Christians the longest, are the ones who are being changed the most!

By: Jody Williamson