Help us “Stuff the Suitcases” with supplies for the Kenya mission team to bring with them! See the list of items needed below or pick one up in the lobby near the suitcases. All items are due by July 8th.


Tools for the team to carry:
-Cement triangular trowels – 2 Sm & 1 Lg
-(2) Steel float (smooth)
-(2) Hand saw (Portland Saw #65484 or large toothed) 22″
-(2) Steel tape measures – 25 foot
-(1 set) Screw Drivers regular and Philips
-(1 ea) Wood chisels 1″and ½ ”
-(10) Carpentry pencils with sharpeners
-Gloves – Team use
-Face masks (disposables) – Team use
-(1) Small triangle squares, plastic
-(1) Assorted pack of sand paper
-(1 ea) Paint brushes 1″, 2″ and 3″
-Safety glasses – Team use
-Cotton white nail aprons


School Supplies:
-#2 pencils and Erasers
-Money to buy local supplies
-Early reading books up to about 3rd grade
-One World balls (soccer balls and ask Kathie before you buy any)
-Foam balls, Jumping ropes, Balloons/bubbles
-Simple backpacks for kids
-Bubbles for – medical camps – small size 4 oz, double wrap in baggies.
-Individual Jump ropes are needed for kids and longer ones so several kids can jump together.
-Dry erase markers
-Glue sticks
-Play dough
-White chalk mostly and some colored


Hospital supplies:
-Preemie and Newborn Baby caps (handmade are fine) -no other sizes
-Baby blankets (36×36″ or larger) – handmade are fine (flannel is good)
-Newborn, preemie – T-shirts, gowns only
-Single bed sheets – flat white
-Bathroom Scales (digital w Kilogram)
-Ink pens (blue and black)
-Latex gloves (small, medium and large)
-Dust masks (disposable)
-Clorox wet wipes
-Sterile bandages (3×4″, 4×4″, or larger)
-Sterile tape
-Scrubs/PPE – S, M, L; light blue for the wards, dark blue for the surgical unit (these we really need)
-Examination flashlights (pen lights)
-Toothbrushes (Medical camp demonstrations and to hand out to clients)
-Trash bags with pull ties – orange, red, green, blue, etc. for the colors of the ties. These are for medical waste. (no Walmart trash bags as they are banned)


Absorb-able Sutures:
– Monocryl 4-0
– PDS II(polydioxanone) suture
– PDS plus antibacterial
– Chromic gut suture 1, 3-0
– Coated vicryl 3-0
– Fast absorbing plain gut 5-0
– Monocryl 0,1


Non-absorb-able Sutures:
– Prolene Suture 5-0, 4-0 or 3-0
– Nylon Suture 4-0
– Stainless Steel Suture
– Nylon size 1, size 2, size 0


Reading Glasses for Medical camps:
+1.00- ; +1.50- ; +1.75-
+2.00- many of these needed
+2.50; +2.75-; +3.00- ?


– Gigli saw for craniotomy or Amputation
– Tracheostomy tubes size 6; 6,5; 7
– Chest tubes bottles (pleurevac for adult size and for pediatric size; Chest tubes (straight and angled) size 30; 32; 34
– Hemovac (closed suction drains) drains and vacuum bulbs
– Core biopsy needle (Tru-cut) for breast core biopsies, prostate core biopsies


FGM Training supplies:
Day of the Girl – packets with pads
Pillow Case Dresses – for older girls


– 100 of the brown paper lunch bags.
– 1 digital bathroom scale with extra batteries.
– one-two Blood Pressure machine that fit on the wrist.
– Digital thermometers with batteries
– Blood sugar strips and machin(Encore Plus). Multiple packs of strips
– Pap Smear kits
– Spray/Fixative to spray on a slide in the field so we can transport it safely.