Our goal is to partner with parents at every phase of your children lives.

1st Phase – EMBRACE (0-4 years old) These children need us to EMBRACE their physical needs.  There are more changes in the first years of life than in any other. The best thing we can give them is a familiar face. They are primarily motivated by safety. When you guide them with love, you are giving them consistent boundaries in a loving relationship. This influences them to trust and respond with obedience to the one who keeps them safe.

2nd Phase – ENGAGE (Kindergarten-4th grade). These children are in a season of exploring the world around them. They are discovering new ideas and experiences every day, they want someone to discover it all along with them. The best thing you can give an elementary age kid is your fascination with who they are. When you show up for these kids, they need you to know their name, their pet’s name, their interest and their favorite snack. We need to engage their specific interests through fun, which is their primary motivation. When you guide them with love, you are introducing transferable principles that help them win in life and relationships, thus influencing them to make wiser choices and treat others with kindness.