It has been amazing watching the people at Free Space grow in their faith and love of God. Through our Life Groups, people share about their lives as they grow closer to Jesus.  A few months ago, Teresa Vargas, who faithfully participates in Free Space 1, invited her nieces, Christina and Adrianna, to attend Free Space. Christina is Adrianna’s mother and they have both been attending regularly.  We have all come to love them!

In the meantime, our Free Space Core Team was making plans for worship on June 30th.  Dick and Jody Williamson volunteered to host worship at their house and have a pool party.  It was during this time that God placed on Dick’s heart to share about accepting Jesus with Adrianna. He used the reviveTX card to share the scriptures regarding salvation. She thought about what was shared for a couple of weeks, asked some questions, and then said she wanted to accept Jesus and be baptized.  Thus, our worship on June 30th became centered around Adrianna’s baptism! Adrianna’s Aunt Teresa said she had prayed for a sign from God to occur during the baptism – and sure enough, something happened.  Just before Adrianna was to be baptized, 2 ducks flew into the pool behind them!  You can see it happen on the video.  After the baptism, we shared communion with one another, ate a delicious meal and celebrated in fellowship with one another. 

We are very grateful that Pastor Frank was able to be with us, as he and Pastor Margret Fields baptized Adrianna.  Dick was there as the person who had shared the salvation message with Adrianna.  But none of this would not have happened if Adrianna’s Aunt Teresa had not invited her to Free Space and we would have never known this beautiful young woman.  She is so sweet and kind! It is a precious thing to watch Adrianna fall in love with her new life in Jesus as we pray to disciple her in her faith journey. We applaud Adrianna as she goes to college this fall. She plans on becoming a Sonogram Technician.  What a gift she will be to new moms and dads as she lovingly shows them the new life that God has created through them! 

By: Josy Williamson

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