To be a Christ-follower is to be on a journey.

Where is your journey taking you?

Whether you’re new to the journey or you’ve been on it a long while, everyone has a next step to take to move closer to Jesus. Here are some ways we can journey together as we follow Jesus.

Get Connected!

Any journey is better when we travel together. At Lighthouse, we call it Authentic Shared Life, and it’s one of our core values. And as you know, every journey begins with a first step. Here are a few first steps you can take toward a shared life with us.

Guest Central

Swing by Guest Central in the lobby on any Sunday morning and say, “hello!”  We would love to meet you AND give you a cool little gift!

Connect! Sessions

Connect! is our online introduction to what God is doing through Lighthouse and how you might partner with us in making Christ-followers who change the world. Take it online anytime.


Ready to take the plunge into a deeper relationship with Jesus? Maybe it’s time for you to be baptized. Baptism is not only following the example of Jesus, but also following the command he gave for all his followers.


If we’re following Jesus with our hearts, we’re going to start looking like Jesus in our lives. Our Next Step Ministry helps you grow more like Jesus.

Grow! Sessions

Grow! Is an 11-week small group experience where people practice seven rhythms essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus. It’s the place to start if you’re a new Christian or if you want to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus.


Because spiritual growth happens better in circles than in rows, we have LifeGroups—circles of people who want to share life. Even Jesus had his small group of disciples to help him fulfill his mission. Wouldn’t it be great to belong to a circle of friends who helped you live the life God has called you to?

LF University

Lighthouse University offers periodic, in-depth, studies of various life and biblical topics to help you discover more about what God has for you in areas like parenting, finances, hearing God’s voice, and other practical areas.


We believe God gives each one of us a holy calling by designing us with a passion, abilities, and creativity to use for others. At Lighthouse, we want to help you find the best place for you to fulfill your calling and purpose.

Serve! Class

Serve! is a four-week class where you’ll discover your divine purpose by exploring your spiritual gifts and personality. You’ll learn how you can partner with Lighthouse to fulfill that purpose so that your life is a blessing for others.

First Serve

Maybe you’re ready to try a ministry on for size to see how it fits; that’s what First Serve is all about. First Serve allows you to serve one time in a ministry to see if it’s for you. If it is, then great, we can sign you up for a longer commitment; and if it’s not for you, then that’s great too. You can try a different ministry that might be better for you.

Serve Saturday

Keep an eye out for Serve Saturday! We host these serving opportunities occasionally here at Lighthouse. Whether it’s building bunk beds for homes, landscape, and building maintenance or praying for our community, we have plenty of options to serve here!


The greatest act of love you can show toward a friend is to help that friend find Jesus. Everyone knows someone who needs to know more. Use the resources here to have a spiritual discussion with others who need Jesus.

Neighborhood Card

Print this card, stick it to your refrigerator, and use it to connect with your neighbors. Fill in each square with the names of your neighbors and then use the steps on the back to pray for them, connect with them, and ultimately to help them know Jesus.


Multiply is an easy to use and free resource to help you help others grow in Christ. Click below to learn more!

Share Your Story

We need your story of redemption to help others learn that they’re not alone! Let us know how God has moved in your life recently or in the past. This is also a great place to share a story you may of heard about someone else experiencing the Love of Christ!