Online learning is quickly becoming a popular method of teaching for adults and children alike. Allowing many to supplement their learning as well as providing an avenue for those who cannot attend physical classes. There are plenty of platforms out there like Teachable ( or Skillshare which offer different kinds of learning.

That said, with the rise of online learning, the need for faster and more stable internet has also grown substantially. ISPs now cater to the needs of the consumers in aspects of the entertainment as well as the educational and business sector. AT&T, Spectrum, Suddenlink, shentel bundle packages are the few which provide internet plans for the phone and computer, in a package saving a hefty amount for the consumer.

Online hubs like Lighthouse have partnered with Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District (EMS-ISD) to provide online learning for many of their school children. Last week, two Eagle Mountain-Saginaw Independent School District school teachers stopped by Lighthouse to see where their kids would be for the start of online learning.

Their kids are two of twenty-five that Lighthouse is hosting for their online learning. The majority of the kids in this program are the kids of school workers. By providing this ministry, the teachers who are also parents can know that their own children are being cared for and guided in their schoolwork while they focus on providing the teaching that they are called upon to do.

In addition, Lighthouse and The Table Church are providing scholarships for the staff of EMS-ISD. It is hoped that these scholarships will help further their education and help them learn new and vital skills. It already seems to be having a positive effect, as one of the moms toured the rooms that would be her child’s classroom, she began to cry. “Thank you for doing this. This is such a blessing.”

The church is more than Sunday mornings. The church is caring for our community. Look for your opportunity to be a blessing to others.