Submit Prayer Requests Here

Welcome to the Lighthouse Prayer Ministry Resource Page, we’re so glad you’re exploring! Prayer is a conversation with God. In prayer, we speak to God, sharing our deepest desires, fears, joys, and needs with him. Prayer also allows us to place our loved ones and friends in God’s loving care as we intercede on their behalf.

We also listen for God’s response in prayer. This response may come as peace, discernment, or an impression or feeling that is supported by God’s word. Prayer helps us connect with God and gives us an outlet for surrendering our lives to him.

If you have a need for prayer, please submit them here. Our Prayer Team will pray about your need, confidentially. If you would like to speak to someone about prayer, please let us know through the same form.

Are you new to prayer? An easy way to begin to pray is the ACTS prayer model:

  • Adore – Begin by sharing your love for God with him; tell God how awesome he is!
  • Confess – Ask God to forgive specific ways you have sinned.
  • Thanksgiving – Thank God for all the blessings he has given you!
  • Supplication – Ask God to give you what you need, and the desires of your heart – ask for specific needs and lift up your family and friends in prayer.