By Frank Briggs

There’s something about holding the hand of a child while they walk. I’m talking about the hand of a small child that might easily stumble into trouble because they’ve not mastered the skill of looking more than one or two steps in front of them. Maybe like the hand of our grandson Greyson, or soon, our new granddaughter, Ariella, or our third one born in another month. But let me get back on subject.

What I’m talking about is the great responsibility it is, especially when a child is Greyson’s age, to hold his hand while walking. Because, when I put my hand around his, I’m suddenly taking responsibility for him, I’m in charge. If he falls when I have his hand, it’s my fault, if he skins his knee, it’s me again. If he picks up an old cigarette butt…guess who’s responsible? (Please don’t tell his mom).

When Krissie and I hold hands while we’re walking, there is a unique sweetness to holding her hand, but I don’t feel like I have to watch where she’s going, she’s old enough to do that on her own. While I do feel responsible for her in many ways, I don’t feel that I have to be responsible for the direction she’s walking.

It’s funny. When a child gets to a certain age, they no longer want to hold your hand and in fact might find it embarrassing to be seen holding your hand. It is one of those milestone heartaches that parents have to endure as their kids grow.

Though a parent may have to let go of the child’s hand, as long as the parent is alive, they hold it in their hearts because they always care about where their kids are headed.

We are well into our Future Forward campaign designed to raise funds for the renovations to our children’s area and lobby, while reducing as much of our debt at the same time.

Future Forward is about holding a child’s hand, it’s about the future steps of kids and everyone else in our community, when we can’t hold their hands any longer.

While I love holding a child’s hands while they walk and while I marvel at how sweet it is to hold that hand, I will not always be there to hold their hand. So it is in my best interest and I believe it is in our best interest as a church, to invest in this campaign for the sake of kids and our community, so that we can introduce them to the only hand-holder that won’t ever let them down…Jesus.

I pray that you will join Krissie and me in being a part of this campaign that is all about the future, about providing for people, young and old, the opportunity to hold the hand of the One.

Now, please excuse me, I have to go for a walk…there’s a little hand I need to hold.

Holding Jesus’ hand,


Frank is the Lead Pastor at Lighthouse Fellowship. If you have any questions about this article or about Lighthouse, contact us at