As most, if not all of you know, we have a team that is involved in building a new faith community at the Towne and Country Bingo Hall on Jacksboro Highway.

Each month, Margret Fields and Jody Williamson will be preparing a report of the progress of this effort and I’d like to invite you to take a couple minutes to read their first report which you’ll find below. It is fresh evidence of the stirring of God, and something we all need to be celebrating. God is good…all the time…and all the time…God is good…it is His nature- WOW!

Trying to Stay Out of the Way!!!

My name is Margret Fields and I am the pastor of the New Faith Community at the Town and Country Bingo Hall. My partner in ministry is Jody Williamson who you already know as a staff member of Lighthouse. Jody and I have been tasked with launching this New Faith Community or NFC for short. The problem Jody and I are having is trying to stay out of the way! The Holy Spirit has been moving in that place and with Cathy Anderson, owner of Town and Country (and member of Lighthouse).

The bingo hall is a community in itself, that has become a faith community long before Lighthouse, Jody or I came on to the scene. Romelia Hernandez and her husband Jose are long time bingo players. They come to the bingo hall for community with others. Romelia began praying for a revival. Not just any revival. She prayed for revival in the bingo hall. It was not long after she prayed that Revive Texas, a 50-day evangelistic effort in spring 2017, brought leaders, Steve and Brenda Bachman, to Town and Country during which they shared the Gospel with a large group of people at the Bingo Hall.

The flames of the Holy Spirit were fanned, and a prayer group was born. This prayer group that averages 12 people, meets each week at the bingo hall on Saturdays followed by a community meal. People gather together to study God’s word, to pray for and with each other, to eat together and their numbers have grown. Hmm, does this sound familiar to anyone?

A year later, the group is ready to multiply and to worship. Romelia is going to lead a Spanish speaking group at the same time the original group meets. Both groups will come together for the meal. In a month, we will gather as a community to celebrate communion.

None of this was the design of Jody or myself. This is the work of the Holy Spirit through willing servants like Cathy and Romelia. The spirit is also working in other members of this prayer group like Marcus Foote, and Hazel Stephens (both a part of the Lighthouse family). Marcus is a natural community leader with a desire to help others know God more, and Hazel has been an active part of the Town and Country community for years.

Jody and I bring support to the leaders of this community, but we are mostly trying to stay out of the way of what God is already doing. This faith community happened without our input. Our task is to do as Cathy, Romelia, Marcus, Hazel and the others are doing, which is use the gifts God has given each of us so we may grow closer to God individually as we invite others to join us. We sense the Lord will continue to grow us and others as we continue to add others to our community.

Jody and I are not the “experts”. We do not know “more” than anyone else. We do not want to fool ourselves into thinking we are creating this faith community. It already exists. We are bringing support, structure and resources to continue God’s good work. We invite you to pray with us as we continue this journey. Pray for the leaders that each will know that God is using them to build His kingdom here on earth. Pray for Town and County as it ministers to the community. Pray for those yet to come. And pray that Jody and I do not get in the way of the work of the Holy Spirit.

Amen! Can you say- Go God!!!

-Frank Briggs