By Dan Morris

The first Veterans Freedom Retreat was a huge success. Your prayers, donations and time helped save marriages, heal wounded soldiers and bring glory to God. Thank you! You’ll soon see videos from the retreat as participant couples personally thank you, Lighthouse, for what you did in their lives. Veterans often need help when they re-enter civilian life, especially if they have suffered injuries in service but luckily there is help out there, like this movement and the help at where they can find financial support.

“To those who supported the Veterans Freedom Retreat this week:

As the spouse of a Ret. Army Staff Sargent, he is a native Texan born in Freeport, also a maroon and White Texas A&M Aggie, please let me THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for the week long PTS Retreat at MD Resort!

John was a professional college student when I met him and decided in 1999, at the age of 34 to join the Army as a combat engineer. The cut off age to enlist was 35! He turned 35 during basic training… with all those 18-20 year olds. After 14 years, and 4 combat deployments in 6 years to Iraq, he was medically retired in 2013. He has a VA rating of 100% disabled non-employment due to traumatic brain injury he suffered in a shockwave blast that blew him up and out 20 feet from his vehicle.

His cognitive skills are so impaired that this man with over 220+ college hours cannot handle the level of obtaining a master’s degree… his goal after the Army. He is also struggling with chronic PTS. I cannot begin to express the stress of living with a man you have been married to for 17+ years who is now angry and frustrated.

This week came at a crucial time in our marriage. Please know all your hard work, the year it took to put it all together was worth it! We have begun to heal, thanks to you and God. I must mention how rare it is, to include a spouse in a Veterans event! Those who live with someone with PTS… develop secondary PTS. For you all to recognize that we too needed healing it was quite remarkable to all of us. We will forever be grateful that God used you to help our wounded hearts and souls. Now we have the tools to go home and start to mend. Thank you.”

Praise be to God for you and what you’ve done to help this couple. But know that this is just the beginning. There are thousands and thousands more couples just like this one right here in Tarrant county. We have three retreats planned for 2017 and more planned for 2018. We’re applying for grants from the state and we’re working with local companies and agencies to receive funding. Pray that these resources will come to fruition. Pray also for the Lord to send us veteran couples who can be touched by His healing love. Way to go Lighthouse! You showed these couples that Every Person Matters.

Dan is the Executive Pastor of Discipleship at Lighthouse Fellowship. If you have any questions about this article or about Lighthouse, contact us at