As a Captain in the fire department, I am responsible for a sector of the city and I have an engine and a truck company at my station. One evening last fall the engine went on an emergency medical call. Shortly after responding to the call, the engine company called the station phone to let me know that they were going to be late for supper. After about an hour, curiosity got the best of me, and I checked their location on the computer. I saw that they were only a couple blocks away in a neighborhood we serve so the rest of the crew and I decided to load up on the truck to see what they were up to. When we got there, the engine crew was playing with three young children in their front yard. Since firefighters are creatures of habit and we usually travel on the same main roads going to or from calls I asked the engine crew how they ended up in this neighborhood. The lieutenant told us the driver had just decided to turn down this street and they spotted three children sitting on the porch, so they stopped to check on them. The kids told them their Mom wasn’t home and that she was usually there when they got home from school. When Mom arrived, she was distraught and crying. I calmed her down and after she hugged her kids I asked her what had happened. She said when leaving work to come home, her car wouldn’t start so she began praying for God to protect her children until she could get home. I suddenly realized the reason the driver turned down a neighborhood road he ordinarily wouldn’t have­- it was in answer to this woman’s prayer!

Several weeks later, our station was seeking a family in need to adopt for Christmas.  We were having a difficult time identifying a family, so I prayed for guidance. God urged me to go check the family we had helped a couple of months prior. I contacted the mother and asked her she if could use some help at Christmas. She immediately agreed and told me that she ended up needing to replace the car that had broken down weeks before and had been praying for over a month about how she could find the money to get Christmas gifts for her children. She told me that I had answered her prayers! Christmas morning, we were able to bless her family and delivered presents to her and her children.

God desires to use us for His glory. Sometimes that means acting on that feeling to turn down a street you don’t normally travel. Sometimes it is answering your prayer to answer someone else’s. But we must be open to His leading. Which way is God turning you to answer someone’s prayers?

By: Steve Eck

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